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Ronny Powell is a Life Insurance professional with over 30 years industry experience.

Why Travel is the Best Medicine

Ronny Powell: Why Travel is the Best Medicine

Why Travel is the Best Medicine


Each year, Americans are taking fewer and fewer vacation days. It makes sense to want to be as productive as you possibly can, to dedicate yourself to your professional career and work hard for advancement. If you are shirking your vacation days in order to work harder and reach your goals sooner, however, you very well might be shooting yourself in the foot. Here’s why:


  1. Travel Increases Productivity

You read that right. You might think that working until you drop from exhaustion is the best way to get things done, but it’s actually deeply counter productive. All that stress that builds up in your day to day life isn’t normal, even though it can start to feel like it. Nor is it healthy. Stressed people are actually much less efficient. The longer you work without a break, the more worn out and stressed you become, and your productivity takes a serious hit. That why one company is paying their employees extra money to go on vacation and travel, on the condition that they can’t check their emails or do any work while they’re away. They know that in the long run, encouraging their employees to travel is an investment in future productivity and moral.


  1. It’s Good for your Health

People who take vacations and travel for pleasure consistently have been scientifically shown to get some serious health benefits. Travelers are less likely to experience a heart attack or heart disease, and men who take a vacation each year are 20% less likely to die. That’s some pretty good motivation. Simply put, stress wreaks havoc on your body, and over a long period of time it can have extremely adverse effects not only on your mental health but on your body as well.


  1. It’s Good for Your Relationships

How long has it been since you’ve taken a real vacation with your family? The experiences you have together while traveling away from home bind you more closely with your loved ones and help you reconnect on a deeper level. When you retire, you’ll want your photo albums to be stuffed full of memories that you shared with your spouse and kids, not your professional headshots or polaroids of stacks of completed work. More than 75% of adults say that it was traveling together that improved their relationships, and it can even help children with behavioral problems.


  1. You’ll Feel Great

Close your eyes and imagine the moment when the wheels of the plane lift off the ground leaving the stress of work behind and whisking you off to a warm hammock on the beach. After a vacation full of wonderful new experiences, you’ll come home relaxed and excited to drive back into your regular life. Most of all, you’ll be happier. Travel is a fantastic way to improve your overall quality of life. You’ll be glad you treated yourself, and happy with what a post-vacation you looks like.