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Ronny Powell is a Life Insurance professional with over 30 years industry experience.

Ronny Powell is an experienced, Alabama-based businessman who is passionate about his family and sports, outside of his career (which he loves). He has been married for 34 years to his wonderful wife, Tamara, and they have two children, Ashley and Austin. Ronny grew up in a close-knit family and his parents moved to Alabama to retire so they could play an active role in raising their grandchildren, Austin and Ashley.  Personally, Ronny has enjoyed watching his kids grow up and create fulfilling lives of their own; he is especially proud of his son for starting his own business and his daughter for making a cross-country move to start a life with her husband. Ronny enjoys spending time with his family, going to the movies together and taking family trips. As a father, Ronny has worked to instill a mindset of “the sky’s the limit” for his children, urging them to achieve what they desire.


Ronny is currently the president of Tom Jones Financial; his insurance career began at age 20. Ronny hit many milestones in the insurance industry at young ages and formed the Tom Jones Financial Services division of Tom Jones Insurance in 1996. His company has a great record of leading companies and their success is motivating to Ronny.


Although Ronny was born in Fort Myers, Florida, he moved to Muscle Shoals, Alabama as a young boy, at just twelve years old. Ronny’s Alabama roots have allowed him to foster quite the penchant for the Alabama college football team; he will always remain a loyal supporter of the Alabama football team.

In addition to watching football, Ronny enjoys playing sports himself. He has golfed for many years and enjoys the mind game in addition to the physical sport. His favorite golfers are Jordan Spieth and Stewart Cink.

Tennis is another one of Ronny’s favorite sports. His son, Austin is a highly ranked division I player. Ronny’s favorite tennis player of all time is John McEnroe but his current favorite is Rafael Nadal, a widely regarded Spanish professional player.